by Sarah Kayss; originally published in Anamesa. For more information, visit

by Sarah Kayss; originally published in Anamesa. For more information, visit

Where the Theater of the Sea Meets the Land of the Hummingbird

 by Jason Braun

Listening for the islands
in your voice I can almost
taste the salt left on your lips
from swimming in Barbados,
Grenada, and Trinidad. I make
my plan, like every cocksure sailor,
every man who came before.
I chart a path that I’m certain
will keep me from sudden death,
wrecks upon the rocks, and the desperate
measures brought on by dehydration.
Sacrifice the missing cache of treasure.
Damn the shark infested shallows
between here and your home.
Curse my soul if I’m fool
enough to smother your fire
with my flesh. Buzzards shall
pick at what the sharks left
behind, if I don’t find a way
to lean back out of your view,
watch you shine against campfire
light, and let you breathe.

Jason Braun Photo

About Jason Braun

Jason Braun currently teaches English at Western Illinois University. He has published fiction, poetry, reported or been featured in Prime NumberESPN.comThe Evergreen ReviewSOFTBLOW, Digital Americana Magazine, The Nashville City Paper, Jane Friedman’s blog, Lowestoft ChronicleThe Monarch Review, Theodate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more. He also makes apps such as Paradise Lost Office and, and releases music as Jason and the Beast. You can find out what he’s up to at:

3 Responses to “Poem”

  1. j savoie

    fine poem just dripping with caribbean duende! who is this guy? where can I read more?


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