"Don't Hurt Me" by  Gizem Cimen; for more information, visit  http://cimengizem.deviantart.com/

“Don’t Hurt Me” by Gizem Cimen; for more information, visit


by Robert Vivian

What is a dog but my dog-eared heart, the tattered pages and the ink overflowing and in my parched throat a dog howling or wanting to howl, just the word itself of desperate nobility and guttural sound from the road-side ditch and then the other hound loping under the full moon with jowls slavering, another love dog, another body in ruins or on fire inside deep layers of internal burning, which is the only living room that counts and I a dog dissembling, I a dog on the chase after the wild boar or bear, a cougar even, more elegant of line and movement and sinew which fuels my fury and my sorrow, and the dog days of summer or the hounds of hell or Baskerville, that place also, and within the circumference of my apron of dirt I reign supreme with my iron stud collar and chain mail leash that bites into my neck each time I turn and each one of my paws is keen for the kingdom of gnawing and bone and I would pull a sled until I die of exhaustion and though I bay with a hurt and rage that embarrasses the neighbors and all the other animals at least my cry is true and washed clean of any pretension as I make a fool of myself calling again and again for the master who beat me with a broom stick before he left me, he of the club foot and the drunken afternoons circling around his invisible stem and the vile curses that sometimes, sometimes sounded sweet and even tender to my ravaged and flea-bitten ears.


About Robert Vivian

 Robert Vivian is currently working on a collection of dervish essays.