Abstract Wolf Spirit by Lupus Spirit; for more information, visit http://lupusspirit.deviantart.com/

Abstract Wolf Spirit by Lupus Spirit; for more information, visit http://lupusspirit.deviantart.com/

poets in hell

by Audrey Dimola

we are the luckiest unlucky ones – came into the world as wolves and never stopped howling. i can pretend this is not what i am…collapse into contentment’s feathered lap, let her stroke my hair, let her sing me to sleep…but what she doesn’t know is that in my mind i’m always on my knees in front of madness – flicking the flames with my tongue…

that’s what i can’t let go…those are the shadows i want to press myself into, feel beneath my fingers, crush between my lips, that’s.. what this is about.

i am perpetually existing in pyres of my past..



but the compass arrow isn’t dancing delicately in the palm of my hand, the arrow is now jutting out of my chest, shredding innards, rattling against bones. every movement, is this. every feeling, becomes this. and i’m bleeding the sacred elixir every voyager drank, every conquistador, every seeker, every madman, every animal—and it’s dripping from our mouths but we always want more.

and i swear this cross on my back was once a pair of wings and all these holes in my hands really mean it’s just beginning—cuz my pen is the spear in my side and i’d be lying if i said it makes it easier to write these lines because.. it doesn’t. but that’s why we listen. that’s why we watch..

we’re on display—sifting through our embers, howling through hollows, peeling back skin, recommitting to ritual one last time, one last time, one last time—to remember. to hold it in our blistered palms—again.

and we like this torture. we like twisting in the singe of the sun under magnified glass, we like plucking off the limbs. twitching like an insect.. my god, if it was possible for me to live a normal life…

i still wouldn’t do it.


About Audrey Dimola

Audrey Dimola is a Queens, New York-born writer/poet, performer, curator, host, and local arts crusader. She is the author of poetry and prose collections “Decisions We Make While We Dream” (2012) and “TRAVERSALS” (2014). Audrey takes great joy in the creative experience of the unexpected: collaborating with fellow artists in various disciplines, creating myriad opportunities to play, and stickering her words around NYC with her Compass Project. Her work has been published in print and online, she aims always to stay wild and stay grateful, and there’s a pretty good chance she’s Peter Pan. She gives thanks to Marc Montfleury for his song of the same name https://soundcloud.com/marcsmusic/marc-montfleury-poets-in-hell) For more information on the author, visit audreydimola.com.