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Eight of Cups

by Patrick Samuel

So, this girl from Alaska
on TV shoots anything that weighs
over 50 lbs., including fish
out in the ocean in her shitkicker
of a boat. You’d think
I wouldn’t get as many mosquito
bites watching her through
the screen from the porch, but I do.
I’m sweet. The ivy lattice pops
its pods and calls bees. I wish
I could crawl with them soon,
sucking nectar. Look what
I do, instead. I don’t telekinetically
kill anyone. I don’t keep hens
on my city deck, either.
“Emotional conflict” in a piping
hot barrel. Imagine sitting on a glass
rod: that’s skin you have right there.

About Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel lives in Chicago, where he received his MFA from Columbia College. He works in acquisitions at Northwestern University Press. His most recent work is forthcoming in Court Green and Columbia Poetry Review.