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Bonny Bonnie

by Patty McCabe-Remmell

I don’t believe in heaven or any of that shit,
but if there were a heaven I envision the angels preparing a spot just for you
so you can be surrounded by your creatures
and you would be able to talk with them at length
about what it is like to be human and what it is like to be animal
and how we have only two legs and they have no opposable thumbs.
I would like to think this conversation takes place
at a locale that features motorcycle parking and ass-kicking music
and the otters are dancing in front of the stage while you lounge
with the horses and the dogs under a tent so lavish
a Bedouin would blush, and surrounded by fields with no fences
and live oaks dripping with Spanish moss and no mosquitoes
and no chemotherapy and no radiation. Just you, your Moon, and your Mija
floating on the love that flows from everyone you have touched.

About Patty McCabe-Remmell

Patty McCabe-Remmell is a professional writer and editor based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. As one half of The Write Writing team, she ghostwrites for corporations and edits for academics. She holds an MA from the University of South Florida (2006) and SUNY Brockport (2000). Having published mostly nonfiction articles, she is now publishing her first creative work.

2 Responses to “Essay”

  1. David Clark fb friend

    Patty, this is very touching and true and it hit me in a good way. I can relate to it. Congratulations on getting it published and looking forward to seeing more


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