About Animal

Ashley Inguanta

by Ashley Inguanta

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine is an online lit mag where artists of word and image explore the ephemeral boundary between human and animal. Each month we publish one story, one poem, and one essay that teeter on the divide between wild and domestic. We create a space where readers, viewers, writers, and artists expand the human experience by engaging their imagination with other creatures.

15 Responses to “About Animal”

  1. Nancy Taylor

    Any way to sign up on “watch” so I am notified of the current issues?

      • Conor

        I really enjoy this website. It is filled with interesting stories that involve one of my favorite subjects in the world, animals and makes my imagination wonder. Some are hard for me to get though due too the intricate styles and poetry but that is a small price to pay for enjoying creativity.

  2. Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

    Do the rights to a story you accept revert to the author, and if so, after how long?

  3. Dr Mike Adamson

    Dear Animal — may I ask if your 5000 word limit is firm or would a few hundred words over be acceptable? I have a piece I would dearly love to show you but I feel cutting those hundreds may be at the cost of some very beautiful passages, and I’d rather not if there’s no graven-in-stone need to do so.

  4. Taylor Daniels

    Hi there! How long has Animal Literary Magazine been around for? Are you affiliated with any University Creative Writing Programs! Love this magazine and what is published, doing a research paper on this magazine and just need some info! I appreciate y’all!


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