Submission Guidelines

photo: Ashley Inguanta

photo: Ashley Inguanta

Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine is looking for essays, stories, and poems that capture the essence and immediacy of the beast. Animal is a subject-specific litmag, however loosely we define “animal.” In some form, we want a literal beast as a central character or motif. Render on the page what is both alien and familiar about an animal, animals, or being “animal.”

Nonfiction: needs book excerpts, personal essays, experimental, memoir, humor. Does not want anything overtly religious, pornographic, or sentimental. Length: 5,000 words max.

Fiction: needs literary, adventure, confession, experimental, ethnic, fantasy, horror, humor, mainstream, science fiction. Does not want anything overtly religious, pornographic, or sentimental. Length: 5,000 words max.

Poetry: needs free verse, traditional, experimental. Poems that surprise or take unique approaches to the theme are more likely to catch our attention. Send up to five poems in one document. Total should not exceed ten pages. Please note that poems with very complicated spacing do not work well in our online platform.

Art: needs the essence of the beast as you see it–we prefer images that feature other species, filtered through human perception. Photos or other work that can be digitally represented online and in print; any kind of visual art that translates to e-space well, including photographs of installations and sculptures. Please send works that are at least 300 dpi, preferably in .jpg form.

To Submit: Please send submissions pasted into the body of an e-mail, as well as attached to the e-mail as a MS Word-compatible document, to animalliterarymagazine @ Put the title and genre of work in your subject line. Please send questions for the literary magazine at the same address to Danita Berg, non-fiction editor and acting fiction editor; Stephen Mills, poetry editor, and Amy Watkins, Art Editor. Submissions not following these basic directions will be deleted.

Animal will consider simultaneous submissions, but asks that you notify us immediately if you are accepted elsewhere. We do not reprint work published elsewhere, in any form.


29 Responses to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Holley

    Thanks for your effort for posting “Submission Guidelines | Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine” Hunter Douglas .
    I actuallywill surely end up being coming back
    for far more reading through and writing comments soon.
    Thank you, Tawnya

  2. David

    Question: If you delete a submission unread because it doesn’t follow the guidelines, do you let the author know? If you do not, how does an author know the difference between a submission that is being considered (and therefore, no answer yet) and one that was deleted unread?

    • Elisabeth Lanser-Rose

      We consider all submissions, but those submissions that don’t follow the guidelines take more time. Our small staff is also experiencing high submission volumes. If you’re experiencing a delay and fear you didn’t follow the guidelines correctly, you may resubmit or query at

  3. A. S. Brahlek

    What is your reading time and should I have received a confirmation email upon submission?

  4. Elba

    Your style iis so unique compared to other folks I have rad stuff from.
    Thanhk you for posting when you hace the opportunity, Guess I will just
    bookmark this blog.

  5. Kimberly

    I’m new and looking for a publication to whom to submit. Just to be clear, what is your copyright policy?

  6. Michaël Wertenberg

    I don’t see any mention of the pay rate for fiction, short stories. I’m sorry if it’s there and I missed it. Thank you for clarifying.

  7. David Pearce

    Is your literary editor Sara Cedeno or Garrett Riggs? I plan on submitting my short story through the email address listed above, but I wanted to make sure that my query addresses the right person. Ms. Cedeno is not listed on the separate page, “About the Editors.”

    Thank you.

  8. Bonnie Blomfielf

    Please let me know if I can maintain ownership
    Of my work and if you pay for work. Love your publication.

    • animalliterarymagazine

      Hi Bonnie, we are not a paying publication. If we choose to publish a piece, we ask that it be original to us, but you can publish it elsewhere if you mention that you published in Animal first.

  9. Adrienne Townes

    When are the photographs due? How will we know if they make the publication? Will we receive a copy of the publication?

    • animalliterarymagazine

      Hi, Adrienne. I frequently solicit artwork to go with each written piece because I don’t know what I will need until close to the deadline. You are always welcome to submit animal-themed art, and you will get a response from me whether or not your piece is accepted. The publication is digital only, so you won’t receive a copy.

      Amy Watkins
      Art Editor


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